How to Apply

How To Apply

How to Apply

To apply for funding, applicants must:

  1. Be eligible to apply
  2. Implement an eligible retrofit
  3. Fill out an Application Form
  4. Provide all required supporting documentation (guidance included in the Application Form)
  5. Submit a signed and completed Application Form with all supporting documentation.


Current Intake: Open until March 20, 2024

Important notes:

Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that they can complete the installation of the fuel-saving retrofits before March 31, 2024.

Successful applicants will be asked to provide relevant documents by February 29, 2024, as proof that they are committed to completing the retrofits.


Applicants are required to submit a signed Application Form outlining the following information:

  • applicant’s legal name (including Canada Revenue Agency business number);
  • contact person;
  • contact information (phone numbers, email);
  • company information (including size of fleet, if applicable);
  • vehicle model and year (for each vehicle or trailer to be retrofitted);
  • licence plate and Vehicle Identification Number (for each vehicle to be retrofitted);
  • licence plate and serial number for trailers retrofitted;
  • registered Gross Vehicle Weight for each vehicle to be retrofitted;
  • type and cost of fuel savings devices to be installed, including manufacturer and model, for each vehicle or trailer to be retrofitted; and
  • baseline information, including for the last (past) year, the annual travel distance (kilometres) as broken down by location (i.e., within Manitoba, in the rest of Canada, and outside of Canada), the fuel consumed (including separate fuel consumption for refrigerated trailers as applicable), and an estimate of idling time.

Applicants, if selected, are also required to provide their consent for Manitoba Conservation and Climate, or the Service Provider, to audit the vehicles or trailers to verify installation of technologies, and to provide all necessary data consistent with the Data Collection and Reporting and Auditing section below, if approved for a rebate.

As part of the application package, applicants are also required to submit the following:

  • quote and/or invoice from a dealer or vendor for the fuel saving device(s) for which a rebate is sought, including manufacturer and model number of fuel saving device(s). The applicant’s name must be the same on both the application form and the quote provided; and
  • copy of valid vehicle registration (for each vehicle and trailer to be retrofitted).

The timeframe required to assess applications may vary depending on the completeness of the application. In the event an application is deemed incomplete by the Service Provider, the applicant will be notified and the application assessment will not be undertaken until the required information is provided.


  1. Applicant reviews ETP Program Guidelines, including the List of Eligible Fuel Saving Device(s) or Technologies for eligibility.
  2. Applicant completes Application Form and provides signed application form and all required supporting documentation to the Service Provider.
  3. The Service Provider reviews the application package and supporting material for eligibility and completeness. If more information is required, the Service Provider will notify the applicant prior to the commencement of an application assessment.
  4. Approved funding recipients will receive an electronic approval from the Manitoba Conservation and Climate outlining the approved rebate amount and funding conditions. Rejected applicants will also be notified by e-mail.
  5. Purchase and installation of fuel saving device(s) must be completed within three (3) months from the date of approval (see above).
  6. Once purchase and installation of fuel saving device(s) is completed, the applicant is required to submit a Request for Payment Form to the Service Provider. If, as anticipated for most Applications during the initial round of funding, the fuel saving device(s) have already been installed, then all copies of supporting documents must be submitted with the Application Form, as outlined. If the applicant has not yet purchased or installed the proposed fuel saving device(s), then quotation(s) for purchase and installation should be included with the Application Form, along a copy of registration for each truck and trailer. Once proposed equipment has been approved, the applicant can then proceed with purchase and installation, and then as part of the Request for Payment submission is required to submit the following:
    1. declaration of fuel saving device(s) installation signed by the applicant, including information on the location where the devices were installed;
    2. copy of purchase and installation invoices (including manufacturer and model of fuel saving devices) with zero remaining balance; and
  7. The province reviews the Request for Payment Form and supporting documentation provided by the Service Provider and, if deemed satisfactory by the province, releases the approve rebate to which the applicant is entitled.
  8. Applicant collects required data (see the Data Collection and Reporting section below) and provides Outcomes Reporting Forms to the Service Provider (report template is available here).

Data Collection and Reporting

Applicants are required to submit baseline information for each vehicles or trailer, including annual travel distance with a breakdown by location (i.e., within Manitoba, in the rest of Canada, and outside Canada), annual fuel consumption and estimate of annual idling time for a one year period prior to the installation of fuel saving device(s), as part of their application.

Funding recipients are required to provide the Service Provider with annual reports on project outcomes after installation of fuel saving device(s), including travel distance with a breakdown by travel location (i.e., within Manitoba, in the rest of Canada, and outside Canada), fuel consumption, and estimate of idling time. These sequential reports must be provided to the Service Provider on an annual basis for a period of three (3) years after installation of fuel saving devices(s).  These reports should also include any additional information concerning the vehicle or trailer upgraded through the program that the funding recipient deems necessary to report. A template of the Annual Outcomes Reporting Form is available here.


Recipients may be subject to a random compliance audit by the Manitoba government and/or the Government of Canada or their representatives, and must consent to allowing access to all relevant vehicles or trailers as a condition of funding.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Manitoba Conservation and Climate will only use information collected under the program for purposes directly related to the operation of the program and the reporting of outcomes of the program. Details on privacy and confidentiality are outlined in the Terms and Condition, which is part of the Application Form.

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